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    Welcome to my site. I am Terrance Mason. I would describe myself as a guy with big ideas and the fortitude, will, and hard-headedness to make those ideas come to fruition. Relentlessly tweaking my projects trying to make them as beautiful as possible means that many pieces are tarried over for extended periods at times. However, that tweaking and pursuit of beauty is why I create my art in the first place. Perfection is not an option when it comes to art (or anything that we humans create) and even if I were to find some level of it in my mind, there is a huge chance that you would disagree in yours. So please don't waste your time looking for perfection. You will not find it in these pages.


You may, however, find a few pretty awesome pieces of art. 

    I believe that Art is not a Product insomuch as it is the result of a Process. When a viewer can understand the Process of the artist's mind and hand; only then can they truly appreciate the work. So as you peruse these samples of my work, try to imagine the Process and maybe you will see these pieces as something beautiful... Perhaps you won't. The goal is to showcase my work and abilities to the world  and hopefully through self promotion and more hard work, people might see something within these pages that might bring new opportunities in to my life. Time and luck will determine what happens in that regard, but the honest truth is, I just appreciate the fact that you took a second to take a look.

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